Sunday, August 26, 2007

baby bibs with new fabrics from stonemountain

i made a great trip to stonemountain fabrics in berkeley before dropping my hubby off at the airport (business trip - bummed to have him gone, stoked to make a mess of the house with craft supplies). stonemountain is absolutely overwhelming - so many beautiful things! and after months of shopping only at beverly's fabrics it was even more thrilling.
here is what i got - a great pile of goodies:

a few special pieces:
a blue flannel with confused bunnies - for making purl rabbit p.j.s for my godson's bunny.
a yellow print with tadpoles in jars - for making another purl frog - this time larger.
a day of the dead fabric i will make into something great for my mommy.
a popsicle print for a baby bibs
an apple and pear print for a baby bib...

i used the baby bib pattern from nested, although it seems very small. the bizarre thing is the first one i made is the exact same fabric shown at the end of the article, which i hadn't even read to yet!
a couple of lessons learned - use a slightly larger seam allowance so that the reinforcing stitching really reinforces the seam. and backstitch in an area of the fabric that matches the thread so that it shows as little as possible. otherwise, i really like it!


beegirl said...

do you know the brand of the red skull fabric? too cool!

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