Saturday, August 25, 2007

gmail love

i love gmail for so many reasons - and here is a new one. the customizable web clips at the top of the page. up until now i didn't get what the appeal of rss feeds was (except for this bunny), but now i know right when craft or purlbee (or, help me, martha stewart's blueprint) has something new up.

here is what i have on there now:

BBC News | World | UK Edition -
BBC On This Day | Front Page -
Bluelines -
Budget Travel Online - Latin America -
Budget Travel Online - Real Deals -
Catholics for a Free Choice -
removeCRAFT Magazine -
Fodor's Travel Wire -
Google News - Health -
How to of the Day -
Instructables: explore -
International Herald Tribune -
News items on ZDNet -
NPR Topics: News -
NYT Most E-mailed Articles -
NYT Travel -
Reuters: Oddly Enough -
Slate Magazine -
the purl bee -

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