Thursday, August 23, 2007

manos, how i love thee.

almost a decade ago i was driving home to seattle from the bay area and found the most amazing yarn store in ashland, oregon. that is where i was first introduced to a very expensive habit - manos del uruguay yarn.
i bought a few skeins of the beautiful, hand-dyed wool. the yarn is made in a women's cooperative in uruguay, and is amazing. my mom shares the obsession and we have made many a yummy hat and scarf with the wool.

now i have started using the new manos cotton for a baby blanket for an expecting friend. i am using a simple checkerboard pattern with wide rainbow strips and love the feel of the project. my only mistake (well, unless you count spending $60 on materials) is that i used a large set of needles, so the weave isn't as tight as i'd like. results to be posted soon.

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