Thursday, August 30, 2007

ode to this american life

after listening to this week's this american life podcast - breakups - i could not get starlee kine's "three of us" song out of my head. going to the website i realized they have totally revamped the website. i got to the point last year where i realized i had listened to every single tal since inception. at one point i had a google spreadsheet with all the episodes, ratings, and whether i had heard them or actually owned them.

here are a few of my favorite recent episodes - some are also the "favorites" listed on their site, most aren't...

special ed -

Stories about people who were told that they're different. Some of them were comfortable with it. Some didn't understand it. And some understood, but didn't like it.

houses of ill repute -

An old man in Brooklyn invites some homeless prostitutes into his house on a cold winter night. They never leave. Plus other stories about houses, such as the United States Congress, where the inhabitants don't always act as they should.

babysitting -

Stories of babysitters, and what goes on while mom and dad are away that mom and dad never find out about.

this one isn't so recent, but is sooo good:
nobody's family is ever going to change -

Three stories which consider the question: does anyone's family ever change?

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