Monday, October 29, 2007

Great Cooking Class in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Great Cooking Class in Chiang Mai, Thailand

I was in Chiang Mai last week visiting my parents, and took a great cooking class. This one seems to be less well-known than some of the others, and the class was great. They're led by a woman named Yui (her husband manages the business, classes at their home) and we learned a ton just in the half day class....

Here's what we made on a Friday (Sabaidee)
Fried Brown Rice with Thai Herbs - a really simple and great fried rice with meat, pumpkin, simple herbs. Made it the second night I was home.
Stuffed Cucumber Soup - a soup rarely eaten in restaurants, more of a homemade thing. Sounds a bit unlikely but is fabulous.
Panaeng Curry - we made panaeng curry paste and chicken curry. Also tried a curry with pork. Yui gives fabulous tips about getting your curry flavor just right - and all my curries, not just panaeng, have improved.

The classes on Friday are the lightest, the Wednesday classes are the heaviest (guay-teaw-rad-na, satay, etc.), other days the classes are "popular dishes" - another student said that that class was great.

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