Monday, August 27, 2007

baby goodies

and i thought a wedding was a good excuse to craft. with a few friends getting pregnant this year i've had the chance to knit up some baby blankets. but now with my new, friendlier sewing machine, i'm trying out "minky" blankets and bibs.
i was inspired by gorgeousbaby's listings on etsy, especially this one.

armed with my new supplies of fabric i have made a couple of bibs and one blanky. i got the "minky" fabric on ebay. i don't think it is as high quality as what i've seen in stroller valley stores, but it's nice and was a steal.

i want to make a big blanket like the one shown with some of the fabric, but i had an old flannel quilt top i made ages ago, so i used the blue minky fabric on that. i just need some blanket edging to make the edges look nicer. now the race is on for what friend has a boy first. i'm all for the gender-less baby stuff, but i think this screams boy.

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