Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Proof I'm getting old, or: all my new music is from commercials

it started slowly, with a hem song from an insurance commercial, then it was an ipod commercial, but now it seems that all my new music comes from commercials. this is proof of so many sad things - that i watch too much tv, have far too few outside musical influences, and that my music taste is damn close to the lowest common denominator's.

there seemed to be a lot of fuss about wilco selling volkswagons, but it reminded me how much i like them. the new nano commercial has a great feist song, too. now, if i could only find a longer version of the cat power cover of "hanging on the telephone" from the cingular ad. atleast i l
at least i loved cat power before she started selling phones and diamond necklaces. hey, good for her.

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